THC Vape Juice

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Are you just finding out about thc vape juice or you are new in to vaping and want to know about thc vape oil? Thc vape juice also called thc vape oil or vape with thc is the combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that have been extracted from marijuana flowers.

What Is THC Vape Juice?

The best way to define thc vape juice is to talk about the extraction of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from marijuana flowers.

The method in which these cannabis concentrates are been extracted involves the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) or alcohol. The end product of thc vape juice extraction can then be attached to any vaporizer device that’s specially made to hold concentrates such as a vape pen or vape mods box.

Is THC Vape Juice Legal ?

The legality of thc vape juice to every individual solely depends on cannabis laws in your state or country. This means that every country or state has its own rules and regulations in regards to the use of cannabis-related substances, including THC vape juice.

So if you are looking buy thc vape juice, the first thing you need to know is if cannabis is legalized in your area before you go after checking for thc vape juice for sale products.

If you are lucky to be in those states where cannabis is legal, you will still need to have a medical card to be able to buy thc vape juice, thc vape oil or any thc vape cartridges.

What is the % of THC in Vape Juice?

THC also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol is a major cannabinoid that can be found in a cannabis plant. The Tetrahydrocannabinol is known for producing psychoactive effects for it’s consumers. When using THC vape juice, you need to have in mind that the % of thc in the vape oil can be about 90% THC concentration. A brief analysis states that marijuana flowers have about 20% thc concentration, thus making vaping with thc vape juice the most efficient way to smoke cannabis because of the stronger high with less product.

Effects of THC Vape Juice

If you choose vaping to smoking, then you must be fully aware of the effects of thc vape juice as compared to smoking weed strains.

However the main factors generating an effect in thc vape juice is based on the extraction and the marijuana plant used for the process.
Because the determination of the quality of the thc vape oil depends on the concentration obtained.
Thc vape juice after extraction is proven to have an end result of 50-90 % thc which is considered to be high. Due to the high derived from these thc vape juice products, there’s always a caution for a user not to consume much if you are a newbie because there have been many recorded cases of severe panic attacks and hallucinations from people after the consumption opf thc vape juice concentration.